Big Bang Theory (or Where We Begin)

I saw a picture of a friend as a toddler that was dated three years

Prior to my birth.  My mind said,

(not sure why, but it often talks to me)

“This was before you were even a twinkle in your father’s eye.”


Phrases I have heard all my life often seem forever

Saddled with the meaning I gave them using a child’s mind.


For 44 years I believed,

Without even really thinking about it,

that the “twinkle in my father’s eye” was the

Pure unadulterated joy he felt knowing that

I, his precious daughter, would someday

Come into being to

Enrich and fulfill his life.


It just dawned on me today that it is likely referring to

The flirtatious glance that is the true moment of conception.


There was a time when we were all nothing more than

The lustful leer of a woodie-wearing boy who thought his

Asp was an anaconda.


Our first raspy wail was caused by that slap on the ass

Which followed the pointy-headed journey through a very tight place

After the squeezing and squeezing

And living upside down

Spawned by nine months of cell reproduction

starting from a blastocyst created by that lucky sperm

Who won the gold in the freestyle

Of the biological Olympics and

Pierced the membrane of a single egg . . .


. . . Because a penis ejaculated in a vagina after

Kissing and hugging and rolling and spooning and

All because of a twinkle in the eye of some dude who thought

His roll of dimes just might get to pretend it was a worth a whole lot more

And play a little game of cha-ching.


And that, if you want to get downright technical, is the moment of conception.


So the right-wingers and Catholics and pro-lifers who believe that

Life must be allowed to blossom from the tiniest potential

To a full-fledged being

should insist that their daughters follow through,

Stay out late after the dance,

And create the potential found in the twinkle

Of a school-boy’s eye.


One thought on “Big Bang Theory (or Where We Begin)

  1. 🙂 I wondered how I got this way…thanks for clearing it up!!!

    Oh and on the whining thing…I cannot figure out where he gets those tones from! Buuttta Ia wiiiisshh heee woulda stooopppa (that is my whiny typing)!!!

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