Reclaiming The Brain

I am not a profundity snob.  Truth can just as likely be found on a bumper sticker or a billboard as it can in the words of a yogi master.   And sometimes it can be spoken by a half-drunk, Irish actor.

At last night’s Golden Globe Awards, Colin Farrell gave an acceptance speech which included these words: “Curiosity is love.  Ignorance is nemesis.”    And my entire life suddenly made a certain kind of sense.

I have a need to know . . . everything.  If I read a novel in which a minor character is a bricklayer, I want to know how bricks are laid.  If I hear a friend talk about a trip to Austria, I will ask her questions about the land and people and customs and food and architecture.   If I watch a t.v. show on the birds of South America, I am likely to get on the Internet and research the lovable caique, a relatively small and brightly colored member of the parrot family.

My spiritual journey has centered around two big lessons.  One is that I must move from my head to my heart.  I am (news flash) a head person.  I can analyze everything, even emotions, which of course should be felt.   I am on a continuing journey to move the center of my attention about 18 inches south.   Because of this spiritual lesson, I have often condemned my great need to know.  After all, isn’t all “knowledge” kind of like a huge trivia game we use to pass the time in this incarnation?

The second big lesson of my spiritual journey is to be in the moment.  Being present means being aware, and being aware . . . wow . . . could mean caring about Austria when it comes up in conversation.   Being aware could mean having an understanding about what it means to be a bricklayer rather than just skimming over the word.   Being aware could be what made me Google caique.

Curiosity is love.  Ignorance is nemesis.

Thank you, Colin.

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