The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

This is day Seven in the Seven Solid Days of Smiling Salute To the Original Unsplit Atom for bursting forth into the Big Bang of Bounty that is this life.

Day 1 – Emily

Day 2 – Music

Day 3 – Magic

Day 4 – Cheese

Day 5 – Sleep

Day 6 – Nature

Whew!  I made it.  Seven full days of gratitude.  And it didn’t hurt at all.

This list could only end in this way — In this life, I could have no deeper gratitude than that I have for my sweet partner, Susie.  She makes all things better.

I could list for you the innumerable talents she has (all you would have to do is walk by the kitchen for the last few days to get an idea about some of her amazing abilities), but that wouldn’t come close to describing what she is to me.

She is the heart of our home, the nurturer to our children (both human and canine), and the vice-president of git ‘er done.  She is the most constant part of my life.  There is a moment when a partner, especially one that your society won’t allow you to marry, becomes family — that never-going-away, gonna-be-there-always, you’re-stuck-with-me-for-the-long-haul, no-deal-breakers kind of family.  I can’t say for sure when that moment is; all I can say is that we’ve had it.   It’s a subtle, quiet rite of passage that you can only see once you’re beyond it.   And then, the love of your life becomes your life.

She makes every day Thanksgiving for me.  One of the biggest reasons why I can live a life of gratitude is because she’s in it.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.  May your blessings be too many to count.

One thought on “The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

  1. This can’t be the end! I have checked your blog very first thing every morning for the last week. I am having a major case of “I MISS MY FAMILY” this week – so reading your heart has helped. Have a Happy Thanksgiving – I wish I was with you (part of the reason is because we’re having CHICKEN – who ever heard of CHICKEN for Thanksgiving?). Tell Susie hi for me!

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