Places Where I’ve Met God

This is day six in the Seven Solid Days of Smiling Salute To the Original Unsplit Atom for bursting forth into the Big Bang of Bounty that is this life.

Day 1 – Emily

Day 2 – Music

Day 3 – Magic

Day 4 – Cheese

Day 5 – Sleep

A late afternoon winter sky when the impending darkness could either be the muted setting sun behind low clouds or an approaching storm.

Sunset at Sedona with the red rocks rimming the canyon becoming animate in the last reflections of light from just another day in just another millenium.

The forever wetness of the rocks and leaves along the rivers of the Smoky Mountains where the fairies live.

Waves the size of buildings exploding on the lava rock shore of the Big Island.

Snow sloping to the gutters on a Michigan morning.

Rain as steady as a drum and playing encores all day long.

This happy little valley I call home, where I marvel at the continuous life-cycle of leaves, and burn brush on a winter afternoon, and drink the wine of communion with the hickories and oaks and maples, and walk out to feed the dogs on cold, rainy mornings, stand close by while they eat in huge gulps, and then walk back to the gate with one on each side, licking my hands.

One last taste or gratitude.  I can never tell.

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