My Current Semester

Things I am currently learning:

1)  Self-denial always has an expiration date.

2)  Being alone doesn’t have to feel lonely.

3)  Sometimes, though, it does.

4)  Humans are generally afraid to be alone, but perhaps we are only afraid that we will get so good at it that the universe will stop sending others our way.

5)  Bravery is doing the thing that looks right to everyone else.  Courage is doing the thing that may only look right to you.

6)  Absolute bygod honesty is not easy, sometimes not kind, and in rare instances not even desired.  But, its consequences, even in its most horrible form, are easier to face than the consequences of dishonesty.

7)  Reading and writing are the ibuprofen and caffeine of my soul.

8)  Dogs are not people.

9)  Starting the day with yoga helps just about everything.

10)  Transformation is a glorious, frightening, intense ride that can make you feel truly alive if you give into it completely.

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