Curriculum Vitae

My first job was selling shoes.

Sixteen years old.

Needed gas money.

Bought a cowboy hat with my first check.

Went to college.

Started part-time at a hotel.

Went to full-time when I quit college.


Thought I knew everything I needed to know.


Worked in fast food,

then as a bank teller,

then started waiting tables.

That lasted awhile.

Shifted into bartending.

More prestigious.

Did that through school.

(Realized I didn’t know everything I needed to know.)

Got a Masters degree.

Started teaching.

Part-time, then full.

Had more fun bartending, frankly.

Took a medical transcription job.

More money than teaching.

Got to work from home.

Scattered throughout were the odd jobs –

in a plant nursery,

in a wood-working shop,

in a music studio.

Gave real estate a go.

The mortgage business,

Sales, free-lance writing.

It got downright embarrassing.


Don’t think I’ll tell anyone

I think I might be a poet.

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