Let The Band Play On

Of all the arts to burst forth from the creative spirit of humanity, there is none greater than music.  A musician is a painter, architect and thespian.  Without music, the world would be a soul-less place. 

I’ve seen music silence a room of rowdy drunks, unite a quarreling mob, change apathy to action and anger to peace. 

It is the intersection of art and science.  It’s the neighborhood bar where math buys sound a few drinks and they sneak away to copulate harmony into existence.  It’s the church social where poetry and percussion break bread together.  It’s the marriage altar of profound emotion and perfect pitch. 

Friends singing around a piano is the greatest form of communion, and wine is necessary for this particular Lord’s Supper as well. 

Music has broken my heart and healed it again. 

Love and music are the only two things I know of that can truly change the world.  They’ve both changed mine.

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