Poet At Work

Sunday morning sipping tea.

Different from past Sundays.

No newspaper. No black and white movie on t.v.

No coffee (too acidic, causes arthritis, gums up your joints).


Now I sit at the kitchen table

still in my robe at noon

laptop computer wirelessly surfing the net

from one website to the oddly connected next

like a cyber version of six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

From the blood type diet to the blood type of Jesus

to a blog about Ernest Angley to a Wiccan site (for balance)

to a chakra site to Shirley MacLaine’s site

which talked about her new book

and had the first chapter online

which mentioned the connection of musical tones to colors

and how that is evidenced in the chakra system

which made me think . . .


Connection.  Colors.  Tones.  Energy centers.  Emotion.

So I wrote a poem about the color of anger.


Can’t you see I’m working?

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