(For Dalinda)                                                       30 April 2008


If you do a midlife crisis right

You get to reinvent yourself.

What feels like F4 chaos at first is just

The amputation of labels,

Façade extraction,

Annihilation of preconceived notions.


And then, like strolling through an identity mall,

You get to shop for the new you. 

Sister, daughter, mother . . .

Those were never far away

And first to return after the tornado.


But then comes the fun part.

Um . . . thinker.  I’ll take one of those.

Lover.  Yes, I’ll wear that.

Writer.  Can you throw in Poet on the twofer deal?


I choose each one carefully.

Now that I know I really can

Create myself

I want to make certain the me I create

            Is the me I want. 


Bird watcher.  Rose grower.  Dog lover.

                 Nature worshipper.

       Symphony-goer.  Art appreciater.


         Good friend.   Penny wise. 

         Rock solid.  Laugh-a-lotter. 



                Believer in Magic.





I am who I want to be.

I am who I have created myself to be.

I think I shall rest with a glass of tea

and call it good. 

3 thoughts on “Genesis

  1. Oh my gosh! No one has ever written a poem for me! You should probably add “crier”…because that’s what you made me do. I love you! Dalinda

  2. I love this Deb — reminds me all over again what that means to engage in such an adventure…this time – with grace

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