Rose and Justice (Novel)

My first novel is available here. There are 15 installments.  Below is a list of links which will take you to each installment.  Enjoy!

Installment One — Prologue, I.i, I.ii (3,406 words)

Installment Two — I.iii, I.iv (3,951 words)

Installment Three — I.v,, I.vii, and I.viii (5,254 words)

Installment Four — II.i, I.ii (4,138 words)

Installment Five — II.iii, II.iv, II.v (3,530 words)

Installment Six —, II.vii, II.viii (4,146 words)

Installment Seven — II.ix, II.x (4,869 words)

Installment Eight — II.xi, II.xii (3,503 words)

Installment Nine — III.i, III.ii, III.iii (5,818 words)

Installment Ten — III.iv, III.v, (4,085 words)

Installment Eleven — III.vii, III.viii, III.xi (7,332 words)

Installment Twelve — IV.i and IV.ii (6,930 words)

Installment Thirteen — IV.iii, IV.iv, and IV.v (6,887 words)

Installment Fourteen — and IV.vii (6,651 words)

Installment Fifteen — IV.viii and Epilogue (5,513 words)

© Deborah E. Moore – 2011

One thought on “Rose and Justice (Novel)

  1. I am so happy to see this here! I remember when you were first writing this book. I believe I was one of the first privledged few to read it! Yesterday, I read installment 15 (different ending than the original draft!) I loved it! I think you are such a beautiful writer and I believe someone should snatch this up and publish it. I’d buy it. 🙂

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