Rev. Deb Moore, Interfaith Minister/Wedding Officiant

This moment should be perfect . . .

. . . and it can be.

Your wedding ceremony is a time for you and your beloved to celebrate your commitment to each other and the love you share. Whether it is just the two of you, a small gathering of family and close friends, or a massive celebration with tons of people, the moment of the promise should be profound and as perfect as it can be.

If you are looking for a wedding officiant who can add your desired level of spirituality (from zero to a bunch) to your ceremony, I’d love to work with you to make your day exactly what you want it to be. Many couples I work with come from the “spiritual-but-not-religious” category. Whether you want a touch of Spirit or none at all is completely up to you. As an Interfaith Minister, I can reference God, the Universe, Gaia, the Divine, the Four Directions, or any faith tradition that is important to you — or none at all. Your call. This special occasion should feel like you and your beloved. I work with couples to create the perfect ceremony for their unforgettable day.

Every couple is unique. Whether you and/or your partner is straight, gay, lesbian, bi, transgender, poly, or BIPOC , I am thrilled to help craft your special day of celebration with your specific wishes in mind.


If you don’t already have a photographer, I recommend Rah Foard and would be happy to help you make contact.


I am the minister at Unity of Music City, a spiritual community with an intimate sanctuary that can seat 50-60 people. I’m happy to share rental information or refer you to other possible locations.

Food? Decorations? Wedding Planner? Music?

I know people. I’ll help as much as I can. Let’s talk.

For fees and availability, email: